Social Media Strategy

6S Marketing is a social media agency. We have a dedicated division and a team that lives and breathes social media.

Our approach is equal parts creative and strategic. We’re inspired by our right brains while making data-driven decisions with the left. Our work is always customized and tailored to ensure that it meets your individual goals.

A Sample of Our Tactics

Here’s a taste of ways that we tackle social media:

  • Strategy Development: We’ll develop a completely customized strategy for your business that will take the guesswork out of social.
  • Community Management: Although it’s time consuming, the art of social media lives in engagement. We can help you to connect with your community, cultivate relationships, and build loyalty.
  • Content Creation: Leverage our full suite of creative services for photography, design, and copywriting.
  • Campaign Development: Product launches, grand openings, rebrands, and more. We can design and execute integrated social media campaigns that tell your story with impact.
  • Influencer Marketing: Our agency leverages the persuasive voices of influencers that connect your brand to new audiences.
  • Paid Social: Our expert team of strategists have a complex knowledge of social advertising. We’ll make your media budget go further to achieve your goals.
  • Social Selling: With a focus on relationship building, we can equip your company’s sales team with strategies, tools, and content to help them achieve their quotas.
  • Social Diagnostics: An objective analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, of your current state of social, along with a roadmap for success.
  • Training: We’ll deliver customized training sessions and workshops to help your team become high performers on social media.
  • Reputation Management: Consumers have a voice like never before. We’ll design and execute strategies that will help you build credibility and trust online.

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