Mobile & App Marketing

Inject mobile marketing into your campaign and enjoy instant rejuvenation. By optimizing your campaign for mobile access, we’ll create your local presence.

Shine Bright in the Smartphone World

More than 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device. 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop. The statistics speak for themselves: if your marketing plan doesn’t include a mobile strategy, you’re missing out on a valuable audience. 6S offers a multi-faceted mobile marketing approach, with tactics including:

  • Responsive design recommendations to ensure your site is user-friendly on all screen sizes
  • Analyzing mobile behavior on your website and optimizing conversion points to capture that traffic most effectively
  • Creating mobile-geared email campaigns
  • Targeting ads based on type of smartphone used and location of user
  • Securing your local listings so your business shows up in local smartphone search results, reviews, and smartphone maps

We Make Your App Attention-Grabbing

An app is a great way to interact with your audience on a continual basis. While we’re not app developers, we can coordinate with your development team to boost buzz for the app launch, and continue marketing to gain more users and downloads. We can analyze your app data to determine engagement levels, and integrate user data into a larger CRM so you can leverage these users and incorporate them into other marketing initiatives.

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