Chinese Marketing

We know how to chat up your Chinese demographic, whether they’re North American-based or international.

Simplified or Traditional? Let Us Translate

We reach your target market with the perfect phrasing and fluency expected of top brands. Our subsidiary agency Sheng Li Digital staffs a team of dedicated Chinese marketing strategists, each bilingual and with ample expertise in running international campaigns.

Sheng Li’s Chinese Marketing Strategies

  • Online Advertising: Buying media in Baidu (the largest Chinese search engine), Google AdWords (for Chinese-speaking North Americans), WeChat advertising via the Tencent Ad Exchange, and direct ads on key websites
  • Search Engine Marketing: Optimizing your site for visibility in Baidu and Google
  • Social Media: Whether it’s Weibo, WeChat, Facebook or YouTube, your content will be targeted, amplified and oh-so-engaging

We also provide translation services, website design, detailed reporting – everything you need to succeed.

Visit the Sheng Li Digital website to learn more.

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