Ways we make you Successful

We build spectacular digital experiences

Our campaigns are world-class in style, scope and execution — we know how to make your digital marketing eye-catching and most effective.


Your budget’s in the best hands

We maximize your spend and improve efficiency through continual refinement of campaigns, using top granular measurement tools to track that ROI.


Our team has expertise you can count on

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as some of the most niche. Since 2000, 6S has remained at the forefront of our industry.


We’re not satisfied with “good enough”

We’re always identifying opportunities for further growth, and pushing the program to consistently win big — your brand reaps the benefits.


Whether it’s tactics, messaging or timing, we test rigorously

Using advanced tools, we weed out any less-than-perfect aspects to ensure your strategy performs at 100% capacity.


We help you gain deeper insights about your target market

We identify everything from demographic details to the best channels to reach them. We decode their online behavior so you can make the perfect introduction.

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Services We Provide

Before you ask, we do it all. We’re the social connectors behind the scenes, introducing campaigns to the right audience at the swinging cocktail party known as the web. Oh look, they’re hitting it off.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Quite simply, 6S exists to get you more business from the internet. Take a look at how we secure your return on investment in every digital marketing strategy.

Paid Media Optimization

From social promotion to search ads, RTB to remarketing, we're head-over-heels for all things paid media — and we have the results to prove it.

Social Media Strategy

Discover how our tried-and-true social media strategies boost user engagement, brand awareness, and deliver awesome (and measurable) data.

Search Engine Optimization

We've been perfecting SEO strategies since the year 2000. Here's how we apply new beta products and stay on top of algorithm changes for the best rankings.

Mobile & App Marketing

6S offers a multi-faceted mobile marketing approach, reaching your target market wherever they roam. We also specialize in app marketing to gain you more users.

Content Marketing Automation Consultants

Fusing email campaigns with content marketing automation means your leads, contacts and clients are delivered only the most topical info, at the most appropriate times.

Analytics Consulting

We are a Certified Google Analytics Partner – indicating that our experts have successfully completed the training, and have consistently demonstrated to Google best practice implementation.

Chinese Marketing

Our subsidiary agency Sheng Li Digital staffs a team of bilingual superstars, ready to develop your strategy for an international or North American Chinese audience.

Web Development

If your website needs a little TLC, our web development team can revamp your online presence through web design and development.

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