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40 new leads a month. Hello, Hollywood.

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Enticing New Buyers

The Residences at W Hollywood knew their luxury condominiums were expertly-crafted. Vibrant homes in the L.A. spotlight are eye-catching to many people, but the WHR wanted to generate more quality leads to increase buying potential.

Hollywood-Style Buzz

6S Marketing created a lead-generation strategy which included SEO and Facebook ads to drive engaged visitors to the site. Google AdWords campaigns targeted specific areas within the California region and other cities where qualified lead potential was determined. We also integrated campaigns with CallRail call tracking, determining the amount of phone calls resulting from each campaign. 6S promised that with these efforts, WHR would receive a minimum of 40 new leads per month from digital sources.

W Hollywood Residences’ web presence is now as captivating as their homes.

  • In under a year, Google CPC ads delivered over 51,000 site visits – with 72.6% being new site visits. Goal completion increased by 71% (including leads and engagement goals), with conversion rate increasing by over 115%.
  • Facebook ads delivered 8.7% of overall site traffic, over 46 million impressions and 1,800 goal completions.
  • After SEO was initiated, site visits increased further by 63.4% and new visits by 61.2% (in a half year period).
  • Call tracking revealed that Google Search SEO traffic led to 38 calls in September and 47 in October.

And as for that ’40 new leads a month’ promise? 6S delivered — the number of leads W Hollywood Residences received from digital sources consistently surpassed (often doubling) the provided quota.

Increase in conversions
direct result from AdWords
Increase in site visits
from SEO after 6 months
Goal completions
on Facebook


“It’s been a pleasure working with 6S! Where other online marketers have focused on quantity alone in the past, 6S is providing us with more leads of better quality. Ultimately, this has helped us achieve more sales and a stronger recognition of The Residences at W Hollywood brand.”

Dylan Wheeler
Digital Marketing Manager, PowerPlay Destinations


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