Overhauled analytics across five branching sites

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In 2012, Vega was enjoying much eCommerce success. The company, which sells vegan nutritional products to the U.S. and Canada, needed to remodel their website’s analytics to better suit their business’s growth.

A five branch roll-up

Vega wanted to set up five branching sites from their home domain,, each one specializing in a different avenue of their merchandise—and each with different business goals. They also needed a Google Analytics Roll-Up profile to measure results and retain visitor referral information from site arrival to purchase.

A detailed plan of action. And cookies.

Our highly-skilled analytics team worked with Vega to create a detailed plan of action. New web properties were created on the hostname, and the Google Analytics Tracking Code was adjusted to track these multiple accounts. All links between the domains were tagged to ensure campaign and cookie information got passed to the transaction level.

Business objectives were set up for each site — for example, if the goal was ‘email capture,’ analytics would focus on sourcing how many visitors reached the ‘thank you for signing up’ page. High-level metrics in Google Analytics could quickly indicate areas of the website that were facing challenges.

Vega needed a better web setup to accommodate their increasing product range, so we executed a substantial Google Analytics overhaul, resulting in a streamlined system which provided extensive data feedback.

With access to these tools, Vega became fully equipped to monitor their growing client base. We also offered training on their website’s new dashboards, ensuring that they could effectively understand them, and react accordingly.

The site’s new structure made it much more polished, and Google Analytics provided excellent feedback on how well each product avenue was performing. With our help, Vega can feel confident that potential clients will be greeted with an efficient, accessible, and perfected webpage.

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