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Web traffic and conversion rates soared.

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Based in beautiful Whistler, BC, Superfly Ziplines offer adventurers an exhilarating way to experience the province’s back country. With zipline and treetop courses designed for individuals, families, and groups, Superfly is a top-rated attraction for Whistler visitors.

Promoting Pre-Trip Planning

Superfly Ziplines is an adventure company located in Whistler, Canada and they offer a first-class outdoor zipline experience. After launching the business in July 2013, they were gaining customers primarily through the local tourist information centres. However, the majority of their customers were not booking zipline tours until the last minute, once they had arrived in Whistler. What Superfly found was that many potential customers had not scheduled enough time in their agendas to go ziplining. This was the challenge. Superfly needed to capture Whistler-bound internet users to gain pre-arrival bookings, and we determined that the best way to accomplish this was when potential customers were researching their vacation online.

Showcasing Stellar Heights

Superfly wanted to present the experience of the ‘World’s Most Spectacular Ziplines’ in a way that would resonate strongly online, giving a sneak peek of what excited customers could expect. After capturing this through world-class videography, they wanted to use the video on their website in a user-friendly format — and gain more views.

Shining Amongst The Competition

As Whistler is one of Canada’s most popular tourism destinations, Superfly wanted to make an impact amongst other large and established attractions. Since there are other zipline operators in Whistler, Superfly needed to up their online marketing to appear early in search results and carve a niche as Whistler’s premier, must-do adventure.

The Solution

Highly-Optimized Campaigns

A variety of Google AdWords campaigns were created, allowing Superfly to capture traffic through both branded and broad searches, like “things to do in Whistler”. Display ads and remarketing ran as well, and every campaign was continually refined for optimal relevancy, with the goal of lowering Superfly’s cost per acquisition.

Showing up in Search

We optimized the new site to capture Superfly’s potential customers. The strategy: increase the PageRank of the homepage through a link-building campaign, and adjust images and content to make them search engine-friendly. To decrease the site’s organic bounce rate, we aimed to attract the most relevant traffic and ensure that the embedded video loaded quickly and efficiently for users.

Better-Informed Digital Decisions

A custom Google Analytics installation allowed Superfly to aggregate their online data, and see how their AdWords campaigns were driving business to the website and phone lines immediately. The goal was to provide Superfly with super-accurate and transparent reporting, allowing their team to make well-informed decisions regarding their digital efforts.

Soaring to Victory

“Our web volume is through the roof, and our conversion rates are astronomical”

Superfly was a winner in the 2014 Google eTown awards, earning accolades for using online tactics to contribute to their business growth and the economic development of the Whistler community.

Download Google’s case study on this campaign (PDF).

What were the specifics of these spectacular results?

  • Just over a year after the launch of the site, the Superfly site sees upwards of 3,000 visitors per month via organic search, each user spending 3:20 minutes on the site per visit
  • Since marketing efforts were targeted to the most appropriate audience, the site’s organic bounce rate decreased by 29%
  • Continually refining search, display and remarketing campaigns helped Superfly achieve a lower cost per acquisition; the overall average CPC was lowered to $0.69. With a $2,500/month budget, these campaigns drive over 4,000 engaged users to the site per month
  • Pre-arrival bookings increased greatly — with the average individual online purchase netting Superfly $100–150 in revenues (and most customers looking to book for multiple people), this led to greatly increased ROI
  • Superfly can now use Google Analytics to feel confident in their digital decisions: based on this success, they’re looking ahead to expand their local search presence further
Visitors Per Month
via organic search
Bounce Rate Decrease
targeting appropriate audience
Minutes on the Site
per visit


“Good Fortune Collective built a beautiful web experience, which we married with a very powerful SEO group — 6S Marketing from Vancouver — who are the best in the business.

This was truly a tiny investment compared to traditional marketing, and it blew our socks off. Today, we are #1 and #2 on TripAdvisor in terms of activities. Our web volume is through the roof, and our conversion rates are astronomical.

6S knew exactly how to position us in terms of AdWords and our media spend online. The beauty of Google and having a company like 6S is that I know exactly what is happening to my business, and I know it right now. The idea that I’m spending money on marketing effectively and I can see instantaneously the effect it’s having is a bizarre new world, and quite wonderful.”

Kirby Brown

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