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6S Marketing worked with family-run business Screamin Brothers on a remarkable and inspiring campaign. The eldest Brothers, J.R. and Dawson, started their homegrown company as a way to help their younger adopted sibling. One of their two adopted brothers had arrived home from Haiti only weeks before the earthquake hit in 2010, while their youngest brother was still stuck living in a tent.

How to Help?

The boys were extremely passionate about raising money to help. The result? They developed delicious frozen treats for all — they’re fair trade, sustainable, and free from the top ten most common food allergens.

6S Marketing worked with the enthusiastic youth entrepreneurs to leverage their upcoming appearance on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and to communicate a well-rounded story to increase their brand presence across the country.

Showcasing the Screaming Ideals

Screamin Brothers knew that they would get a lot of exposure from their appearance on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. It was important to monitor the brand and control their message, which was threefold:

  • They’re a socially conscious company, donating 5% of proceeds to charity.
  • Their desserts are healthy, allergen-free, and safe to be enjoyed by all – gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.
  • There is an emotional brand story behind the product, including their ongoing efforts to help rebuild Haiti

6S Marketing ensured that all of their promotions were targeting the right groups, at the correct touchpoints, and with paramount messaging. We also helped the Brothers set some social media marketing objectives:

  • Increase brand presence on current social platforms (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Leverage their Dragons’ Den appearance as content, while integrating greater brand story into the content strategy
  • Drive consumers to the website so they could learn more about the delicious product (and where to purchase it)

Whetting the Audience’s Appetite

6S Marketing developed a content strategy using best practices and consulting to ensure that the Screamin Brothers’ social media efforts were polished and professional.

As shoppers increasingly turn to the internet — and social media platforms in particular — to research day-to-day purchases and build their grocery lists, Screamin Brothers aimed to connect with this group online. We determined that the three main audiences for their product line were 1) parents with children who had food allergies, 2) health enthusiasts, and 3) cause-aware individuals.

This meant we needed an integrated community management campaign. We helped Screamin Brothers embrace a full range of digital marketing tools, including:

  • Leveraging social media marketing by developing an editorial calendar for their Facebook business page
  • Increasing reach and ROI from marketing by creating a thriving Screamin Brothers online community. We grew and strengthened the relationship with the brand and target audience over the common passion of delicious, guilt-free dessert, while increasing brand awareness
  • Targeting Twitter users via hashtags, interests, and locations
  • Targeting Facebook users via strategic interests in prime locations
  • Developing engaging ads that generated interest in their product line, brand story, and rise to success on Dragons’ Den
  • Using cross-platform remarketing tactics to ensure that when a visitor came to the website, and then visited Facebook or Twitter, they were then prompted to Like or Follow Screamin Brothers

Leading up to the television appearance, 6S Marketing optimized the Screamin Brothers’ social media presence with strategic recommendations on imagery, tone, and content, including adding a call-to-action to all posts to encourage interaction. A few days before the episode aired, 6S began running Like and Follow ads on Facebook and Twitter, to ensure that the pages were buzzing with fresh activity when the influx of new fans arrived.

Based on our experience with real-time campaign execution, specifically the Just Keep Livin campaign which ran concurrently with the Academy Awards, our team knew to expect a huge amount of traffic to the Screamin Brothers website when the Dragons’ Den episode was live. We coordinated with the Screamin Brothers’ web server to provide extra assurances that the site would not crash under the additional weight, and we added new tracking pixels and tags to the website, via Google Tag Manager, to ensure that all visitors to the site would be added to a remarketing list within Google Analytics for future opportunities.

A Screamin’ Success

Our comprehensive content strategy ensured that Screamin Brothers’ social media efforts were a screamin’ success. The Screamin Brothers now have more than 7,200 fans on Facebook and over 1,400 followers on Twitter. Their fans are also hugely engaged with the Screamin Brothers brand, with posts receiving hundreds of likes and dozens of comments and shares on Facebook. Their social media communities are incredibly supportive of the boys and their cause.

Social media followers more than tripled during our campaign, and the Screamin Brothers’ website received an additional 17,500 page views in just a few short hours.

The 6S Marketing team was poised to respond to any negative or disparaging comments that appeared on social media during the show; this caution was unwarranted as the boys received nothing but support and interest from their target audience, proving that the right online community was growing on these platforms. We engaged in conversations with these three target groups to build stronger relationships and greater brand awareness.

Screamin Brothers aren’t finished yet, though—not by a long shot. Since appearing on Dragons’ Den, their sales have tripled, and they have plans to launch a new product line. The brand is continuing to grow nationwide, with retailers across the country stocking Screamin Brothers’ products on their shelves.

Marketers have long known that great stories build brands. Traditional media vehicles often provide just 15 or 30 seconds to tell a story. Often this is not enough, failing to satiate the consumer appetite. Online, Screamin Brothers has a built a thriving community to share their sweet success story, every step of the way.

See if you can spot 6S Marketing in the Dragon’s den follow-up episode.

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