For every $1 spent, MEC made $17.

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Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is Canada’s leading retailer of all things outdoorsy—they specialize in high-quality gear, clothing and services for active lifestyles.

MEC is committed to always improving the online shopping experience for their members. Since selling outdoor sports equipment is a seasonal business, MEC found it difficult to cater their Google AdWords account to the seasonality and fast product demand changes.

The existing AdWords account for MEC presented a few challenges.

The account lacked proper structure; they couldn’t quickly identify which items were selling, and ad groups weren’t tightly themed. This caused MEC’s cost-per-click to be higher than desirable.

Tightly Themed Campaigns

6S helped MEC tackle the rugged terrain of the digital marketing world. Improving their Google AdWords account allowed the company to gain better control of their online campaigns. Keywords and ad copy were refined to become more relevant to one another, while irrelevant keywords were cut out.

Ad groups were tightly-themed, making it easier to quickly react to seasonal product demand changes. Optimized keywords were added to suggest related products to consumers.

The Result

Improving MEC’s Google AdWords account made a huge impact. MEC was more than satisfied, and their customers were pleased to find equipment more readily accessible for purchase.

Video: How MEC worked with 6S to bring outdoor customers into their stores


“Over the years, MEC has been making continuous improvements to online merchandising and the ecommerce experience. These improvements, in combination with the work of 6S, have improved transactions. 6S Marketing helped us implement digital marketing strategies that increased traffic volume from organic search by 23% and paid search traffic to the site by 150% year over year. These strategies resulted in an 18% increase in organically generated ecommerce revenue, while also increasing revenue generated through paid search advertising by 271%.

The great thing is that for every dollar we spent on online advertising we made $17.00 in revenue. We would highly recommend 6S to anyone looking to obtain a solid return-on-investment from their digital marketing, especially for ecommerce-based businesses.”

Allison Brownlie

More Transactions
over 8,000 more than 2010
More Clicks
for the same spend
Revenue Increase
$2 million - $3 million

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