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The Criteo Story

6S Marketing helps businesses achieve their goals through tactical digital marketing campaigns. In this case study, we explore how business-to-business (B2B) organizations can use digital marketing and advertising tactics to generate leads, and ultimately increase their business.

In this case study, we’re serving up advice based on our experience with content curation, marketing automation, lead generation, customer journey mapping, and more.

First, meet Criteo: an international and publicly traded B2B technology company headquartered in Paris, with 2,000 employees in 31 offices across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. They deliver personalized performance marketing at an extensive scale. Measuring return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to measure.

Here’s what you can learn from Criteo’s success with 6S.

Set Clearly Defined Goals

Like many fast-growing businesses, you likely need a little guidance in scaling up your marketing strategy. In the B2B space, reputation and reliability outweigh the need for instant visibility — it’s all about becoming a trusted brand.

  • B2B businesses see great success by growing their reputation through thought leadership. This means offering up genuinely helpful, brand-relevant content, solidifying your role as an expert in your field.
  • Boosting brand accessibility is a great B2B-specific goal — essentially, it means pinpointing the needs and pain-points of your customer base, then figuring out how to address them. For example, Criteo focused on figuring out what various digital marketers need to make informed decisions.
  • Nurture new business through integrated lead generation. This goal is essential to turn your hard-won fans into leads. By planning opt-in incentives, gated content, and marketing automation, you’ll provide the right gateways for followers to engage as prospective clients.

Like many fast-growing B2B businesses, Criteo needed an agency partner to scale up their strategy as they didn’t have the in-house resources available.

Criteo wanted a partner that was globally savvy, committed to strategic and scalable service, and able to scale with Criteo as their needs grew — and that’s exactly what 6S Marketing did. With our creative partner Engine Digital, we pinpointed Criteo’s goals to best outweigh the competition.

Plan Short, Long-Term, and Multi-Lingual Lead Strategies

Coordinating each component of lead generation strategy ensures that potential leads are engaged not only in the next vital few months, but for years to come (and in a variety of mother tongues).

  • Short-Term: Scale your existing PPC strategy to direct traffic to key lead-gen landing pages, and capture users searching for retargeting-related terms. We recommend tailoring ad messaging to each stage of your buying cycle.
  • Long-Term: Implement SEO to improve keyword density on your site, and incorporate targeted key phrases through content optimization. A well-executed SEO strategy will allow users to find you for years to come.
  • Multi-Lingual: Depending on your target audience, SEO and PPC can be performed in multiple languages to reach target audiences most effectively. Configure website analytics to measure data input from various languages.

In Criteo’s case, managing their million-dollar PPC budget meant tracking their cost-per-lead diligently to make sure they were achieving the desired ROI. If a campaign or ad group was not performing, budget was allocated to another channel that was converting at the desired cost-per-acquisition. SEO traffic increased by more than by 200% for target keyphrases. 6S also aided in coordinating their marketing teams across the globe, while collecting data in various languages, including Japanese, Chinese, and German. With robust content across 11 language sites, and growing to 17 in 2016, Criteo brought in more qualified leads from around the globe as campaigns were continually refined.

Use Competitive Intelligence to Boost Video Visibility

YouTube is a great platform to gain more interaction in B2B markets. Many coordinators and analysts prefer video over other mediums – over half of B2B researchers are millennials, and 70% watch videos on their path to purchase.

  • An initial competitive analysis of key industry players on YouTube can provide insights for playlist structure, promotional tactics, YouTube metatags, and good keywords to gain optimal engagement.
  • Planning a YouTube content calendar is a practical move. A calendar ensures content corresponds with any promotion and paid media. It also ensures you strike the right balance in terms of content type (for example, product features vs. tutorials).
  • After categorizing and optimizing videos, boost their visibility with advertising on paid media channels, including social media and display formats. Make it easy for specific leads to find the information they need in the video format they prefer.

As Criteo had over 400 videos uploaded to their YouTube channel, 6S helped restructure the account based on relevance, competitive findings and YouTube analytics. We optimized Criteo’s content with tags, links, and supporting paid media, ensuring videos achieve peak visibility.

“6S Marketing integrated their agency into our existing infrastructure to help us scale our digital marketing strategy quickly and efficiently. We needed to reach a broad market with many competitors, and 6S made our strategy feel personal, which is one of the reasons we wanted to work with a boutique firm. They engaged us with content-planning exercises and conversations, and made sure our international teams always stayed in the loop.”

— Linette Gomez, Head of Global Digital, Criteo

Craft a Content Plan with Customer Personas

Take on the task of mapping your business’s customer types, and the content that best engages them. This kind of high-value content is a stellar way for B2B brands to win permanent brand loyalty.

  • Analyze your buyer’s journey and the crucial personas interested in your company — think C-Suite Steve to Analyst Alice. Then, customize your content to various personas depending on their stage, seniority, and preferred interactive medium.
  • Consider integrating your CRM with a marketing automation tool to capture prospects’ contact information and drip market to them in a customize fashion. Marketing automation can help rank leads by quality, automate your email marketing efforts, and nurture those leads who need a little more time. As well, it puts all that hard work plotting personas to good use — you can create custom content flows for each persona.

After 6S and Criteo mapped their buyer persona types and paths, we integrated their Salesforce CRM with Pardot marketing automation software and mapped the user flow for various content. 6S Marketing also spearheaded Criteo’s database management initiative, consolidating over 30 existing customer databases for streamlined upload into Pardot.

Integrate User Tracking

Analytics are of the utmost importance for any business — you need to know that each aspect of your digital strategy is pulling its weight, especially if you’re in the midst of a website revision. Custom installs and cutting-edge software can do the trick.

  • Incorporate Google Analytics to track the buyers’ journey on your website, ensuring all pages are accessible and easy to navigate. Analytics can also show how different marketing channels contribute to user navigation: as research indicates, companies capturing their full customer journey generate up to 8.5x higher shareholder value.
  • Heat mapping allows you to analyze which part of your site navigation is most popular – it visualizes where your users tend to click. After analysis, site navigation can be reordered accordingly to optimize for conversion.
  • Consider implementing a content management system to measure the before-and-after impact any changes have on site navigators. As well, UX tracking of design changes helps smooth out any kinks in website transitions and improve user experience until it’s seamless.

To meet Criteo’s fast-changing needs and constant site updates, 6S fine-tuned their content management system to measure the impact on website users and used UX tracking to ensure site navigation stayed smooth. We optimized for conversions using Crazy Egg heat mapping software, and coordinated with Google Analytics to track data for multiple pages and languages.

Plot Your Next Move

Staying on top of your digital marketing game means evaluating cutting-edge tactics and technologies as they emerge. It’s vital to keep up with the latest tools (and updates like search engine algorithm changes!) to ensure your hard-won marketing triumphs continue.

Take a page from Criteo’s book: with a B2B-specific digital strategy, their site conversion rate skyrocketed up 78%. They continue to plan ahead by building thought leadership through a custom content hub ­— gated content meets marketing automation, supported by steadfast digital promotion. With a major boost in visibility and more to come, Criteo’s made an impressive mark in the global marketplace. Next, we are focusing on content marketing and marketing automation to communicate with prospective clients with an ongoing content strategy.

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