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Evolving to inspire a new audience

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A Chinese marketing campaign drove over 16,000 visits to Cirque du Soleil’s website, and the brand soared to new heights — they reached a demographic they’d never communicated with before, and ticket sales proved it.

The Best in Acrobatic Adventure

Cirque du Soleil has always retained a loyal English-speaking audience. In spring 2014, the entertainment company launched a stunning new show: Totem, inspired by human evolution.

Translating Cirque for Chinese-Speakers

When Totem launched in Vancouver, BC, Cirque had never exclusively targeted its Chinese population (over 19% of residents) before. 6S Marketing subsidiary Sheng Li Digital knew they needed native Chinese-speakers to engage this demographic authentically.

Transforming the Tactics for Success

Because Vancouver’s Chinese audience hails originally from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, we created a content strategy in simplified Chinese characters. A Chinese landing page was created, in conjunction with a contest on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) — local Weibo influencers promoted the contest, and it gained 772 entries overall. Influencers were also invited to a backstage tour of Totem, and shared their experiences on social to boost publicity.

Using Facebook ads, we were able to target 68,000 Chinese-speakers within the Vancouver area — for every dollar spent on Facebook, Cirque generated $4.32 in online ticket sales revenue. A media buying campaign ran Chinese ads on desktop, mobile, and tablet, driving traffic to the Chinese landing page. We used search marketing to capitalize on users searching for ‘Vancouver events’-related terms, resulting in 524 ticket sales — a conversion rate of 30%, with the ROAS at a whopping 255. A successful evolution, indeed!

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via organic search
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