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A Truly Seamless Transition

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North Shore Credit Union (NSCU) was an established financial services institution of over 70 years. As part of the credit union’s long-range plan to ensure they remained a healthy, sustainable organization, positioned for future growth and expansion, the credit union adopted a new operating name, BlueShore Financial.

Setting Sail

With a fresh new name, BlueShore Financial wanted to increase brand awareness, foster client retention and acquire new clientele—all while undergoing a seamless transition. Leading up to the launch of the rename, the organization needed to boost its small social media presence, set a content strategy and learn how to amplify it.

Charting the Coast

6S worked with BlueShore Financial’s internal stakeholders and partner agencies to develop a full-scale re-introduction strategy.

Social Media

We conducted an online presence analysis, and then developed a corporate policy and content calendar for the launch. Ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ensured that content was amplified. Channels were renamed, and BlueShore Financial staff was trained on the tools through in-house visits and guideline packages.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO and paid search ads (via Google and Bing) combined with a transition strategy to ensure all value from the previous site was passed onto the new site. KPIs of increased pageviews and conversion points were set.

Online Display Advertising

Ads on the Google and DoubleClick networks increased awareness of the name change, and ensured people searching for NSCU were directed to BlueShore Financial. Remarketing ads were created to keep users engaged with year-round campaigns and seasonal promotions.

The Result

BlueShore Financial enjoyed exponential growth and engagement on social media. Best of all, people are now searching for BlueShore Financial instead of North Shore Credit Union — a truly seamless transition.


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from Google AdWords
More Facebook fans
380 new fans through ads
Referral increase
from Twitter advertising

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