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Making a Splash in the Back-to-School Market

Avery Products stood out in the September school rush, gaining over 161,000 entries in their Sweepstakes thanks to paid media optimization and Key Opinion Leader outreach.

A+ School Supplies

Avery Binders are a go-to brand, trusted for their durability, variety and custom design. Savvy moms make up a large portion of buyers, and as 6S helped discover, teens love to shop Avery Products for themselves too.

Speaking to Both Generations

Avery needed to start marketing during the crucial back-to-school shopping time frame, which began in early summer, and remain top-of-mind through the following months. Plus, they wanted to engage moms and students alike in a fun and participatory way, in line with back-to-school spirit  — effectively keeping the brand top of mind while they shopped for supplies.

To gain an understanding of the buyer’s terrain, 6S Marketing conducted initial research into Avery’s target market. Our data revealed that back-to-school shoppers began researching products in early July, with product revenue peaking from mid-July to mid-August, meaning Avery needed a campaign that could span this crucial timeframe. We determined that digital/social platforms were a great way to reach the 25- to 54-year-old mom demographic; with moms checking Facebook an average of 5 times a day.

6S also discovered that while Avery’s “mom market” was strong, there was a potential untapped demographic at our fingertips. Teens (aged 13-18) were seen participating actively in the selection, discussion and research of back-to-school materials online. It was time to find a way for Avery Binders to speak to both generations.

Standing out with Big Sweepstakes

The Avery Gives Back Sweepstakes were created to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to the website, and emphasize the quality of Avery’s binders. Spanning the summer months, the Sweepstakes offered entrants a chance to win great swag. The contest was publicized via paid media buys on big-name sites like GoodHousekeeping.com and Facebook.com, targeted at the “mom market.”

We also appealed directly to teens by utilizing three popular vLoggers (video bloggers) to promote the Sweepstakes and review Avery’s products in their back-to-school videos. These Key Opinion Leaders drove 4,591 contest entries, with their combined videos receiving over 414,000 views. With a boost from paid advertising, Avery received 23.5 million brand impressions, and found a path to appeal to moms and teens alike.

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