#YVRSocial: The Rise of the Influencer

We’re excited to take part in this year’s #YVRSocial: The Rise of The Influencer at Unbounce on November 23rd. Mitchell Fawcett, VP Partnerships and Social Strategy, will be chatting with Wahiba Chair, Alicia Taggio from Hootsuite, and Sarah Leishman from Arc’teryx about how agencies, brands, and influencers can collaborate to maximize results.


Does influencer marketing work?

If you’ve ever read a review or blog about a product or service, then you have engaged with influencer marketing in some capacity. As consumers, we are increasingly savvy about traditional advertising tactics. But we do trust our friends and family for product recommendations and helping us make purchasing decisions. And today, we consider social media acquaintances as our “friends.” Brands have always used celebrity endorsements because we tend to trust the celebrities we admire. Influencer marketing is actually very similar — we have just redefined what celebrity means.

When influencers accept sponsored work they actually believe in, their endorsements feel meaningful. Social media is founded on authenticity. We as consumers can sense when a promotion doesn’t seem sincere, or when a product doesn’t align with an influencer’s area of expertise.

Who should attend #YVRSocial?

This event is for marketers who are trying to better position their brand in the social space. Having a solid brand that will stand out on social is crucial for success. A good understanding of influencers and content creation is a game changer if you rely on social media and other channels to promote and grow your business.

If you can’t join us in person, follow along with the live event on Twitter.

Got a question for Mitchell before the event? Email him at [email protected].

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