World IPv6 Day: We’re Running Out Of Internet

Yes, it’s true, we’re running out of Internet but, fear not, this is not a conspiracy theory, so you can take the tinfoil off of your head now.

Our current “allotment” of over 4 billion, 32-bit encryption IPv4 IP addresses will soon run out. A new protocol being introduced by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), IPv6, is on its way with 128-bit encryption, offering us approximately 340 trillion trillion trillion (yes, three “trillions”) IP addresses.

In addition to providing more new IP addresses, IPv6 will also eliminate the need of NAT (Network address translation), which is known to cause multiple networking problems. Also, where IPv4 used 4 blocks of numbers up to 3 numerals each, version 6 will be recognized by 8 blocks of numbers, separated by colons, not periods.

To celebrate and promote Ipv6, join companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Akamai, and Limelight Networks on June 8 for World IPv6 Day. This will be a global “test flight” where these organizations will be offering their content over IPv6 for 24 hours. The event is designed to test drive and help accelerate the IPv6 deployment. If you are interested in your organization taking part on June 8, visit the World IPV6 Day website.

Are you ready for the IPv6 conversion? You can test your IPv6 readiness for free anytime.

What are you going to do for World IPv6 Day? I know I plan to wear tinfoil on my head.

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