Which Internet Marketing Service is Right for Me?

Is your website appearing in the first page of results in Google? Perhaps you’d like to know more about what visitors are doing on your site? Can you understand, analyze and act on the data your current Analytics software delivers? Or can you even understand it?

Depending on the issues you are currently experiencing with your website, 6S Marketing has many internet marketing services to help you better understand your website, get it ranked within the top results in search engines and deliver clear and precise data on what is happening with your site.

Here are answers to some common internet marketing issues you may be experiencing with your website and which of 6S Marketing’s services will solve your particular issue:

My site does not rank in the search engines.

9 out of 10 6S customers agree that this was their number one problem when they approached us – our organic search engine optimization services are what you are looking for. 6S will determine the best keyphrases to target and optimize your site so it will rank for those terms in the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

I need immediate, quality traffic.

Paid search marketing can drive immediate, qualified traffic to your site via Google AdWords, Bing adCenter, LinkedIn and even Facebook Search Marketing. 6S can have your campaign up and running within one week.

I don’t know what’s happening on my website.

6S is one of the first companies in Canada to become Google Analytics Certified Consultants and can quickly have Google Analytics set up and running on your site. Have confidence that your analytics software is set up correctly and the data you are receiving is accurate and applicable to your needs.

My analytics software is too complicated.

6S has a solid background working with multiple analytics software programs. We can interpret the data and provide you and your team with the key performance indicators and actionable recommendations based on those indicators.

My newsletter distribution system is inefficient, and I cannot track the effectiveness of those newsletters.

6S can provide full service email marketing and newsletter distribution, which frees up your company’s time to work on areas of core competencies – or, 6S can train your company to use the system for in-house distribution. The system is user-friendly with no HTML experience needed, and fully trackable including click-through and open rates.

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