Discovering G+ Communities: ‘Women of Google+’

Recently, I was reading through Guy Kawasaki’s new book What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us — a thorough (and thoroughly entertaining) step-by-step guide to entering the illuminating world of G+. While already familiar with the ‘community’ concept, the book introduced me to a community I was previously unaware of: Women of Google+.

The Women of Google+ community was founded to promote women taking charge of their social media experiences, and provide a community of successful, passionate women to network with. Unlike popular social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Google+ currently has a majority of male users. A chapter in Kawasaki’s G+ guideline is even entitled ‘How to Thrive in the All-Boys’ Club,’ referencing (and diminishing) a popular theory that G+’s gender ratio is skewed due to the platform being too difficult for women to understand. That theory spurred Lynette Young to create the Women of Google+ community. She explains,

It doesn’t really matter how many men or how many women are using Google+ or social media. What really matters is that every person finds value from participating. Sadly, women are more prone to online harassment and trolling solely because of their gender.

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Women of Google+ utilizes all the best parts of the Google+ platform. Young encourages you to circle professional women in fields you’re passionate about, and the group provides resources for women to enhance their G+ experience, like a directory, tutorials and events postings. In Kawasaki’s book, Young offers additional tips on managing interactions and handling trolls. The community even came in 3rd place for the ‘Best Business Page’ in the 2012 Spirit of Google+ Awards. There’s also a Women of G+ website for further exploration of how women can thrive on any social platform.

I recommend checking out the community and the Google+ platform as a whole if you haven’t yet; as Kawasaki explains, it’s the premier social platform for ‘passions.’ Whether you’re a photography aficionado or committed to succeeding in the business world, you can find a community of like-minded folks who share intelligent, well-curated material daily. I think the Women of Google+ community is a prime example of what G+ does best — fostering goals and building connections.

What’s your favourite way to use G+? Have any impressive communities to share? Let us know in the comments.

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