What Should Marketers and Brands Do About Google+?

What Brands and Marketers Should Do About Google+

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Google+ is not a shiny new tool or an innovative beta social media platform anymore. 6S Marketing has been telling the world for a few months to get involved with Google+. Chris Breikss insisted during his presentation during the social media week way back in September that Google+ was going to play a big role in the social media and search results world and said that brands and marketers should jump on board as soon as possible. We told you that Google+ business pages should not be ignored, and we gave you tips and tricks on how to use Google+.

In this blog post, I am not going to try and convince you to get a Google+ page by giving the top 10 or top 20 reasons why you should get one. I believe the following two should be enough:

1) Google+ is where the conversation is happening.

It took Google+ 24 days to reach 20 million users, 88 days to reach 50 million users. Google just announced today that there are 90 million users on this platform…and it just keeps growing. I forecast a big jump in the numbers since they recently allowed teenagers (13 years old +) to be on Google+.

google+ 50 million users

People talk about brands, about topics, about products, and if you are not on Google+, you are not part of the conversation. Google also launched a new feature to try and bring the conversation on Google+ by asking its users to post a question on Google+ after doing a search on Google.com:

Google Search plus Your World on Google.com

2) Google Search Plus Your World.

Last week, I wrote a blog post about this new Google search feature called Google Search Plus Your World. In a nutshell, Google now adds search results from people or pages in Google+ right on the Google search results page. This is really powerful to drive more traffic to your Google+ page or website. For a while, we saw real time results with tweets ranking in real time when searching a keyword in Google. Twitter did not renew its contract with Google in July 2011 so the real time search feature was taken down by Google. It is now back under a different form with Search + Your World and it’s even more powerful.

What does this mean to brands or marketers?

It means that if you don’t have a Google+ business page, you cannot appear in these Google Search plus your world results.

It also means that if you just created a Google+ page because “someone” told you to and have not updated it in the last month, chances are your Google+ page is not doing your brand any good. Google+ pages rank based on content and popularity so much so that neglecting your Google+ page will give you neither of these two attributes.

The strategies you use on Facebook and Twitter also applies on Google+: you want to provide useful content, grow your audience and engage actively with it. The only difference is that if you fill your Google+ page with content, you will grow your brand and end up ranking in Google. Ranking in Google will then increase the number of people who +1 and follow your page. It is a very positive brand awareness spiral and you should be part of it.

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