What is Google Adwords Remarketing?

Have you ever visited a website and then noticed ads for that same website on other websites? It’s almost like ads are following you around the Internet as you jump from website to website. Chances are that it is a “remarketing” ad on the Google Display Network. Google launched this feature to the public in March 2010 and since then it has become an important strategy for many advertisers. It didn’t take long for it to catch on either; in 2010, the total number of advertisers using remarketing grew an average of 113% every quarter after launch.

Google Adwords Remarketing

Remarketing allows advertisers to reach people who previously visited their website, but did not make a purchase or other conversion. It’s a targeted advertising strategy and another way to match the right people with the right ad. Here’s a quick rundown on how it works:

Just imagine that you own an online business and sell products online. You advertise through Google Adwords and have set up a new “remarketing” campaign. When someone visits your website Google drops a tracking cookie in their browser; this identifies them as having previously visited your website. When that same person visits another website that displays ads from the Google Display Network, your ad appears—remarketing them back to your website. This method of advertising is ultra-targeted, as it shows ads to people who’ve previously shown interest in your website or products.

According to Google “Remarketing is a tool that can drive ROI for all types of advertisers, regardless of the focus of your campaigns (brand-oriented, performance-driven, etc.) or your ad formats…you can then remarket to those users who reach your site by showing them tailored ads on sites throughout the Google Display Network.”

So if you are looking to increase sales through your website, increase registrations or sign-ups, or promote awareness of your brand, remarketing can be an important part of your advertising strategy.

If you are still not convinced, consider these reasons why you should start a remarketing campaign:

  • Google’s studies have shown that a remarketing ad brings in nearly twice the revenue as other display ads.
  • Google has recently improved the service to show a relevant ad right after a potential customer leaves your website.
  • Google’s Display Network has grown so big that you can reach your customers on more and more sites across the web. (Google says that on average, it can reach 84% of the people on a typical remarketing list and serves hundreds of billions of advertising impressions every month to over 500 million Internet users worldwide.)

Here’s a detailed video on Remarketing from the guys at Google:

So if you are interested in advertising in Google Adwords, and its remarketing feature, then contact the team at 6S Marketing. If you have used remarketing, let us know about your experiences in the comments area below.

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