Getting to Know Weibo’s Promoted Posts

Weibo, as mentioned in my previous blog post, is a popular Chinese microblogging platform with approximately 350 million users worldwide.

Weibo has recently launched promoted posts which are very similar to Twitter’s Promoted Tweets. The official name of this service is 粉丝通 (Fen Si Tong) for those of you who know some Chinese! Below are some important facts you need to know about Weibo’s new advertising features.

Where Will My Promoted Posts Show Up in Weibo?

The Weibo promoted posts will appear near the top of one’s feed. You will be able to choose an appropriate audience for your promoted post based on the content. Since Weibo is a platform where users are used to seeing the most recent news, you are only able to promote one post for a maximum of seven days. The same promoted post will only get shown to the same person once. Therefore, it is recommended to keep promoting different posts to increase freshness.
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How Much Does Running Promoted Posts Cost?

1) CPM: The cost of the campaign will dependent on the exposure
2) CPE: The cost of the campaign will be dependent on actions such as reposts, clicks on the link, follows as well as favorites.

The minimum spend of your post can’t be lower than the initial minimum determined by the system, and the actual cost won’t be higher than your maximum bid. You are also able to put a maximum daily budget to your post.

How Do You Set Up An Account?

In order to run Weibo promoted posts, your account must be a verified account. To get your business account verified, you have submit your business license and application form to Weibo. After Weibo staff reviews the documents, they will verify your account by adding a blue V next to your account. See The Wall Street Journal Weibo account below as an example:

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Once your account is verified, you are ready to contact Weibo to have them set up your account from the back end. Large international companies are already adopting promoted posts for increased visibility — for example, is running Chinese ads from its verified Weibo account.

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If your business needs exposure and awareness amongst the Chinese-speaking demographic, Weibo promoted posts are a cost-effective way to achieve your goals. Leave a comment down below if you have more questions about Weibo promoted posts or Weibo in general! You can also learn more about the variety of 6S Marketing’s international marketing services.

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