VEGA: A Fresh Start

Have you made any resolutions for 2013? Regeneration is always the popular theme of a new year, and no company embodies that ideal more than Vega. Vega promotes full-body ‘cellular restoration’ through clean, plant-based nutritional supplements. In 2012, their website was in need of a similar cleanse: they needed to make their expanding product range accessible, organized and easily tracked. Restructuring their analytics account was necessary.

At 6S, we have plenty of experience in analytics programs: Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst and WebTrends are a few notable mentions. We’re even specially distinguished as a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), meaning we’ve exceeded Google’s meticulous qualification standards. So we were more than prepared to tackle the unique challenge that Vega’s site provided. Elements of the makeover included:


  • Five specialized branching sites were created from Vega’s home domain, each section pertaining to a different avenue of merchandise
  • Links between these domains were tagged to ensure cookie information always reached the transaction level


  • Vega’s Google Analytics account was optimized and restructured to allow for multiple domain tracking
  • 6S provided the Vega team with training on these new dashboards


  • Goal-setting was introduced to their analytics strategy: each of the five specialized domains had a different objective
  • High-level Google Analytics metrics continue to quickly identify any areas of the site that aren’t meeting their goals

Vega’s website was reinvigorated by introducing detailed format changes and measurable objectives. To see all of the results, including images of the revamped site, view our case study. You can also learn more about our customized analytics implementation services.

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