Twitter’s New Ad Center

You’re probably already familiar with Twitter’s Promoted Products, the platform’s advertising options. If so, you should be getting excited about the launch of the new Twitter Ad Center! Read on to discover how this development will improve analytics sourcing, campaign management and ad spend.

Advancements in Campaign Analytics

Twitter will now provide reporting on every type of engagement that a Promoted Tweet receives. Previously, only paid engagement could be tracked, but now earned media will be measured as well. Christopher Golda, Twitter’s product manager of revenue, explains, “This visibility helps advertisers manage and optimize existing campaigns more effectively.” Earned media reports will provide valuable insight into these interaction variables:

  • Device the Tweet was accessed on
  • Location of user
  • Gender of user
  • Secondary interests of user, in addition to primary

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engagement metrics show interaction with the promoted post


Improved Campaign Targeting for Small Businesses/Self-Service Advertisers

If you’re a small business or self-service advertiser, it’s now possible to access the more advanced campaign interface that’s only been available to select American corporations since last year. You can now create a campaign targeted specifically at a certain gender or mobile device – for example, only male Android users. Campaign targeting by interest is now available to all, too: choosing from 350+ interest categories, a direct focus on specific communities is possible. You’re also able to target users with the same interests as followers of @usernames – for example, our client Mountain Equipment Co-op can target users who follow handles such as @ESPNOutdoors, @theskipperca, etc.

Self-service advertisers can also now access Twitter’s advanced analytics interface at no additional cost, gaining access to tools like multi-campaign optimization and detailed reports.

More Effective Ad Spend

Twitter has introduced a few noteworthy metrics into the analytics interface:

  • Spend and bid data are now detailed in analytics reports to help with bid adjustment
  • eCPE, or “effective Cost Per Engagement,” has been added into spend metrics. You can now understand the average amount each user’s engagement with your Tweet is costing you
  • All earned and non-billable engagement is now tracked in campaign performance, so you can gauge the full effect of your campaign
  • A breakdown of the engagements will provide much better insight into how people are interacting with your campaign

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effective cost per engagement now showing in spend metrics


With Twitter’s new Ad Center bringing campaign management and analytics interfaces closer together, it will be much easier to adapt your campaign in real-time based on your analytics results. As campaign customization becomes more widespread, we can expect to see advanced Twitter publication translate into increased real-world revenue.

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