Twitter Retargeting Launches

We get excited when shiny new toys launch and in our world, Christmas came early with Twitter’s launch of their retargeting product. AdRoll is powering the technology behind the retargeting which we have been using for Facebook retargeting for some time now. We’re excited to test this baby out before the New Year! We even integrated the announcement with a funky new Google+ widget:

Twitter’s retargeting functionality is speculated to have a whole new layer, too: they may bring retargeting to mobile. Since many users remain permanently signed in to Twitter on both mobile devices and computer, it’s easier to tie mobile and web behaviour together — eliminating some of the challenges of mobile retargeting due to the lack of cookies.

There is also be an opt-out functionality for users, one which seems easier to navigate than Facebook’s process. Twitter announced that users can simply uncheck a box to stop seeing Promoted Content. This should help to alleviate concerns some users will have over privacy settings.

We’re gearing up for beta testing and will be writing a follow-up blog post soon to detail our results. Stay tuned for all the latest news in the world of Twitter retargeting!

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