Top 20 Twitterers Picked up in Vancouver Sun

The highly popular “Top 20 Twitterers in Vancouver” list was highlighted in the Vancouver Sun this morning along with a few of the Twitterers who made the list. In particular, Rebecca Bollwit, Miss604 on Twitter, senior partner at and Twitter veteran, “It started out for me just being a personal update, like your Facebook status but not on Facebook,” Bollwit said. “For me personally, it turned into more of a marketing tool for my company… Once I got on I just started seeing who other people were following and seeing who was adding who. It creates this huge global chain of information-sharing.”

As an example of just how powerful Twitter is as a marketing tool, Chris Breikss, creator of the Top 20 List, uses Pizza Hut as an example and a couple of recent “tweets” by Tod Maffin, a Vancouver-based social media strategist and technology commentator, who is also on the Top 20 list.

In the first tweet, Maffin wrote about ordering pizza online from Pizza Hut. “Why don’t all pizza places have online ordering?” he asked. Not long after, Pizza Hut got a failing grade on Twitter: “65 minutes late, soggy, lukewarm, inaccurate order, and waaaaaaay too salty. #pizzahut FAIL”

Unfortunately for Pizza Hut, Maffin’s complaint didn’t just go to one friend but to his 1,000-plus Twitter followers…Read full article

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