To Quit or Not to Quit? Facebook, That Is!

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Facebook is no stranger to scrutiny in the media and the recent “Quit Facebook Day” campaign has been receiving a fair bit of media attention. The campaign is in protest to the privacy setting changes which are continually being made on the Facebook Social Networking platform without actually notifying users.

Facebook is the number one Social Networking platform, and has active users all around the world totaling close to 500 million. The “Quit Facebook Day” campaign has been promoted as having more than half of the active users saying they will quit because of the privacy changes – when in reality only 15,000 have committed, which is 0.00003% of all users.

It doesn’t appear that there are enough people committed to quitting for there to be any actual merit behind the campaign. Facebook does provide users with a great tool for communicating with people; however, users need to be better informed about the platform, and realize that anything posted on the internet is still on the internet.

Facebook has both personal and business benefits. For personal use, Facebook is useful to keep in touch with friends and family around the world. In addition, the platform can be used tremendously well for businesses which are looking to weed through millions of internet users to find specific people interested in their product.

Yes, there will always be concerns with regards to social networking sites and privacy, but it is both the users and developers responsibility to stay informed and understand the full affect of what they are doing online.

So the question is, to quit or not to quit? For myself and the majority of people I have talked to, the answer is – not to quit!

For more information on Facebook Privacy Settings:

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