Getting to Know Weibo’s Promoted Posts

Weibo, as mentioned in my previous blog post, is a popular Chinese microblogging platform with approximately 350 million users worldwide. Weibo has recently launched promoted posts which are very similar to Twitter's Promoted Tweets. The official name of this service…

Polygon Homes: A Cross-Cultural Triumph

It’s impossible to deny Canada’s multicultural roots. From unique clothing styles to exotic cuisine, our country is brimming with a variety of nationalities. Accordingly, Canada’s international market is as vast as our country itself. So, what’s better than a multi-faceted…

Western Brands are Winning Fans on Chinese Twitter, Weibo

Since both Facebook and Twitter won’t make it over China’s Great Fire Wall, there are social networking platforms that are very similar to Facebook and Twitter in China. RenRen is the Facebook of China, and Weibo is the Twitter of…

RT @verge: Instagram reportedly launching ‘IGTV’ video hub for online creators later today

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