Team Motivation with Real-Time Metrics

This holiday season, the 6S office was a little more animated than usual. Abominable Snowman and Elf GIFs grinned alongside real-time company analytics, displayed on high-res TVs throughout our space. Stats like monthly clients, new sales opportunities and overall workflow…

Canadian Digital Ad Revenues Hit $3.1 Billion

It's been a wildly successful year for digital marketing in Canada. The industry has grown in leaps and bounds — and recent statistics have cemented its importance as an advertising mainstay. IAB Canada's 2012-13 Internet Advertising Revenue Report shows that…

Canadian Smartphone Use Statistics

Two-thirds (64%) of BC adults surveyed own a smartphone and are using their device an average of nearly two hours every day on a wide variety of activities. Importantly, 79% expect a good mobile experience from the brands they trust.…

Infographic: Canadian Internet Usage Statistics on Mobile, Search and Social

Update: see recent social media usage statistics for British Columbia, as well as detailed Facebook usage statistics for Alberta! In September of 2012, I had the pleasure of attending the one-year anniversary of the Google Engage Canada Conference in Vancouver.…

Mind Blowing Canadian Facebook Usage Statistics

EDIT: See more mind-blowing Alberta-specific Facebook usage statistics in our blog post, as well as BC-specific social media stats. EDIT:

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