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How important is video in today's online landscape? With YouTube the world's second most popular search engine (next to Google, of course), all signs suggest video's here to stay. 6S Marketing recognizes the importance of capitalizing on digital mainstays. As…

#5PayForward – How 6S Marketing Created a Mini Social Video Movement in 1 Afternoon

Social Video has taken the campaign world by storm in 2012, as illustrated by one of our recent blog posts. Brands are leaping onboard and holding on for the ride as they toy with social video apps like Social Cam…

How General Electric’s #GELights Campaign is Lighting Up Social Video

Twenty-twelve has been the year of social video – thanks, in part, to the rapid adoption of leading video sharing apps, Social Cam and Viddy. With many of today’s conversations taking place in 140 characters and through filtered Instagram images,…

RT @verge: Instagram reportedly launching ‘IGTV’ video hub for online creators later today

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