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Google Street View Tour of the @6S_Marketing Office

Camels and dinos and bears, oh my! Here's how to get ahead in the marketing world. Using Google Street View for indoor mapping of your business is a new technology trend. So we thought it was time to spearhead the…

Making of Google Mapping Vancouver Office

Congrats! You found an Easter egg from our Google Street View tour of our Vancouver offices. For now, we invite you to watch this "behind the masks" video on the making of our tour!

Is Google Losing its Way With Maps?

We all know how useful Google maps are. For me, when I am going somewhere I haven’t been before, I tend to look it up on Google maps. I even use the Streetview feature to see what it looks like…

RT @verge: Instagram reportedly launching ‘IGTV’ video hub for online creators later today

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