75% of Albertan Adults are on Facebook

Here’s a big question. Just how many people are you reaching with your Facebook posts?

And why do people gravitate towards the platform more than traditional media — print, television, radio?

Perhaps the biggest question is…what makes Facebook so compelling?

Alberta’s social media statistics confirm Facebook is a social essential. 6S Marketing sponsored a recent online social media study by Insights West, eager to discover the scope of Alberta’s overall Facebook use. See the raw data here. The numbers were solid: at least three-quarters (75%) of Albertan adults use Facebook, with more than half (56%) visiting the site at least once a week and 39% using it every day.

Moreover, Facebook has been cemented as the most popular social networking site for those aged 18-29 (78% weekly usage, 64% daily), with almost three-quarters (63%) of Albertans disagreeing that “Facebook is for older people now, not for young people who are up with the latest.”

What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

It’s exciting news. Facebook becomes an advertising platform that’s not only extraordinarily popular, but also truly travels with the user. People are bound to skip newspaper advertisements, fast-forward commercials on TV, quickly switch radio stations when the product-schilling begins. Yet Facebook is never far away.

People gravitate towards Facebook because it’s always there. Think about it: you’re always attached to your smartphone, never far from a computer, can find a Wi-Fi connection in a heartbeat. Facebook’s on the mobile device you use as an alarm clock, a millimeter away from the mapping app that guides you around your city, forever bookmarked in your work browser. People love the ability to instantly plug into their social network wherever they go, and that’s what makes Facebook advertising so effective — ads are within your audience’s arms’ reach at all times.

You get the message. These statistics reinforce Facebook as one of Alberta’s communicative staples. Sign up for a Facebook Business page and 75% of the province is at your fingertips. But what can you do with this reach?

Promote Your Brand

  • Facebook ads are cost-effective and able to target both local and broad audiences
  • Demographic targeting allows extreme customization: you can direct ads to specific age groups, genders, marital statuses, education levels, interests, etc.
  • The ‘snowball effect’ achieves maximum ROI: a user’s ‘like’ of your page or post is visible to their Facebook friends, generating your business more views and potential conversions for the same initial dollar value

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader/Team Builder

Facebook allows you to showcase involvement within your community/industry in a way that traditional media, like TV and newsprint, can’t. Create a winning corporate image by utilizing Facebook for the following:

  • Highlighting company culture and social activities, community involvement and sponsored events
  • Reposting/commenting on leading industry-related articles
  • Connecting with key industry players and brands

Human Resource/Recruitment Tools

Your Facebook Business page can act as a multifaceted HR Team. From conflict management to recruitment of top talent, you’re always able to respond in real-time.

  • Define your ideal employee and use targeted ads regarding new job openings to reach that demographic. Target specific alumni, users by location and current employment position
  • Handle any negative press in real-time: with a direct connection to your customer base, you’re able to provide personalized, immediate conflict management
  • Conversely, use Facebook to highlight positive press your company receives, as well as employee achievements/recognition within your industry
    With more than half of Albertans (51%) stating they believe Facebook is the best way to communicate with others online, all statistics point to the platform as a necessary resource for businesses. From Calgary to Edmonton, three-quarters of the province is already on Facebook. The site shows no sign of slowing down.

    Rather, the platform’s here to stay — it’s always a single mouse-click away.

    How do you plan to utilize the province’s most popular online communication tool?

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