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Songza: Evolving the Brand Experience with Music

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Music has always been a part of the brand experience. Back in the day, a catchy jingle could mean instant success. Even millennials can belt out the ‘I am stuck on Band-aid…’ number, or recall the old Oscar Mayer Wiener childhood favorite. As digital marketing has evolved, a reclamation of brand sound is occurring — only now it’s fresher, edgier and accessible via any device 24/7.

Enter Songza. You’re probably already familiar with this online phenomenon, and if you’re not, you should be. The platform, which boasts more than four million subscribers across North America, is based on expertly-curated playlists classified by moods and activities. It’s accessible on desktops, mobiles and tablets, all free of charge. Favoriting, subscribing and sharing playlists through social media channels is a regular occurrence, and seamless integration with Facebook Connect allows for social proof to spread quickly.

But it’s not just consumers who are taking notice of this powerful digital experience.

When 6S struck up a Twitter conversation with the folks at Songza, it quickly evolved into a partnership. We jumped at the chance to create our own unique playlist, curated by their team of music experts. We’re putting our playlist to the test, and have created an entire campaign around it. Want some hip, upbeat tunes to groove to at your desk, while brainstorming, or when crafting a new project? Here it is: ‘A Jolt of Creativity’. Make sure to favorite the playlist, too!

6s marketing on songza

We loved our experience working with Songza. Collaborating with their musical gurus to craft our ‘brand sound’ let us target specific audiences via the platform’s Music Concierge service, which allows users to customize their listening based on activities, times of day, mood and genre. As an added bonus, it was fun!

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Brands like Nissan, Juicy Fruit, Telus and Mr. Clean have already capitalized on the platform with custom curated playlists.

nissan on songza

mr clean on songza

Through a YouTube campaign guided by Leo Burnett, the world watched Mr. Clean blossom into the icon we know and love. Now, he also has a corresponding ‘Clean & Fresh’ playlist on Songza, inviting fellow house-cleaners to “rock out with your mop out.” The Mr. Clean Songza campaign works because it further humanizes the brand — it’s well-crafted, consistent storytelling that a consumer can follow from platform to platform. Plus, it makes monotonous household chores that much more bearable.

songza is available in the itunes app store and google play

What else is there to know about Songza advertising?

Mobile ads are also available — standard mobile leaderboard size (320×50 pixels). Advertising specifications for desktop are the medium rectangle ad unit (300×250 pixels), leaderboard banner (728×90 pixels), and half page unit (300×600 pixels). The 728×90 leaderboard banner is applicable for tablet.

songza advertising specifications

  • CPM advertising rates are negotiable based on the size of the media buy
  • Best suited for brands who want to be perceived as cutting edge and reach technology early adopters
  • Songza users can opt-out of seeing ads by joining Club Songza (cost: $0.99/week). While banner ads can be turned off in this model, all other sponsored playlist activations are still viewed

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Now we want to know — what does your brand sound like? Is your messaging and style consistent throughout your clients’ auditory experiences, too? Our custom playlist curation will provide your brand with a new way to engage your most digitally-savvy fans and followers. For example, does your target market listen to “jazz music,” or would a playlist related to “Girls’ Night Out” be more appropriate? The playlist will tie into your audience’s preexisting behavior and preferences.

Send us your pitches. We’ll pick the three most fitting companies and work with Songza to create branded playlists for each — free of charge. Then, we’ll provide full-service amplification and distribution to receive as many listens as possible. Enjoy a fresh way to connect with your target audience through a complete digital experience.
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Don’t forget to favorite the 6S playlist on Songza, too!

Sarah Brown :Sarah is an MFA student at Concordia University. A talented creative writer, she provides blogging and copywriting services for 6S and our clients. Sarah enjoys playing the piano, doing yoga, and anything cat-related.

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  • Thanks for the great article. The TELUS team was thrilled to bring our Songza playlist to fans across North American as the first Songza Concierge – Sponsored partnership.

    We’re on a journey to create meaningful connections with our customers. Music has always been an important element of this connection Canadians have with the TELUS brand, so working with Songza was a natural fit. We’re helping provide the soundtrack to the moments that matter to our customers, because they matter to us.

    Keep up the great work 6S - loving your playlist too.

    • Thank you, Katie! We love how many companies are embracing the Songza platform to engage and foster connections with their customers. Music is inherently emotive - I agree that it's a medium which creates meaningful connections to moments, people, places and more.

      Glad you like the playlist - we're big fans of the TELUS playlists, too.

  • This is awesome! I just spent some time listening to your playlist on Songza, and it's exactly the type of stuff that can pick me up during the workday. Now, I am not sure if you would agree with me, but I believe that jingles are making a real comeback. Recently, I have seen a number of companies including new jingles or even some revamped versions of the classics. Actually, it's one of the reasons we wanted to write a series of blog posts on the best jingles over the decades.