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How important is video in today’s online landscape? With YouTube the world’s second most popular search engine (next to Google, of course), all signs suggest video’s here to stay. 6S Marketing recognizes the importance of capitalizing on digital mainstays. As such, we’re proud to announce our partnership with SoMedia Networks, a fellow Vancouver-founded company.

Founded in 2006, SoMedia provides on-demand, scalable video production anywhere in North America — at great prices. How do they do it? Their 3,400-person video production workforce is crowd-sourced. Employing a large amount of top talent means high quality videos are available to you quicker, and at a lower cost.

Scalable video has proven to provide great results for:

  • Company profiles: Introducing company or product with a professionally-written script and/or voice-over
  • Customer testimonials: Build credibility and trust by showcasing customer interviews
  • Video news releases: Utilizing scriptwriting and concept development for company announcements/PR
  • Custom videos: Expand beyond the standard templates and tailor your video with custom additions

See how SoMedia created a 60-second testimonial for MotoWheels:

Moreover, adding video to your website can help with SEO (indexed content), lead users to engage and share, and make information digestible. 6S Marketing can further publicize your video through a detailed social media sharing strategy.

All of SoMedia’s videos are shot in HD broadcast-quality format with music and graphics. Fresh off of winning 2013’s “Outstanding Online Video Award” from the 2013 Internet Advertising Competition, SoMedia has mastered the art of using video to authenticate your brand.

Be sure to check out their video gallery for more examples! Contact us if you’re intrigued by what social video can do for you.

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