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Getting Social with 6S: Introducing Carolina Horna

6S is growing our social media team! Since 2000, our strengths have always been in paid media and SEO, but now we’re getting back to our roots with social strategy, community management, content creation, and more. Read on to learn about how we plan to continue our recent growth.

Meet Carolina Horna. Carolina has joined our social media team as our agency gained numerous new client wins, including Honda Celebration of Light, Herschel Supply Co, Westbank, and Bulletproof Coffee.

Carolina always had a love for creativity, communication, and innovation. A career in marketing was a no brainer! After graduating in psychology from the University of British Columbia, she started her #agencylife at B3 Communications. Social media was new to the scene and she was immediately taken by the medium. She followed her fascination for social media by working at Village&Co. and Tradable Bits. Call it #FOMO (“fear of missing out”), but Carolina loves to keep up to date with all the latest changes in the social sphere. Digital marketing aside, Carolina enjoys photography, traveling (especially to the motherland — Peru), blogging, dancing in “Army of Sass”, dogs, brunch, and mastering new yoga poses.

She has extensive experience with digital marketing strategies, content marketing, and community management. Her client roster includes TELUS, MEC, Winnipeg Jets, Blenz Coffee, BuildDirect, Desjardins, Flight Centre, Ticketmaster Mexico, GranFondo Canada, and Tourism Whistler.

As 6S expands our social media offering, we chatted with Carolina about her thoughts on social. Here’s your chance to get to know our newest Social Strategist better.

If you could change one aspect of your favorite social media platform, what would you do?
Carolina: Instagram has done a good job of updating its platform to compete against others (i.e. account toggle capabilities, stories, live video, etc). However, the one thing I hold out for is scheduling in-app without the need for “posting reminders”. I know many are against this, arguing that Instagram will lose its authenticity. However, there’s a clear shift towards curation and content strategy on Instagram. As a marketing professional, this feature is gold. Plus, Instagram Stories preserves the platform’s authentic roots.

What do you think makes a piece of social media content successful?
CH: The top three things are relevancy, recency, and authenticity.

What types of campaigns catch your eye?
CH: They may be harder to spot but micro-influencer campaigns catch my attention. The content micro-influencers produce is more authentic and the people are still relatable. These people are like you or me, so they’re trustworthy when endorsing a product. Bonus: the content is gorgeous, blends well into feeds, and doesn’t appear or read as traditional ads. For instance, Coach is running an Instagram micro-influencer campaign for their Rogue bag. Coach gifted influencers with the new bag and asked them to post using the hashtag #gorogue. Coach gets in front of new audiences without lifting a finger. Micro-influencers get a nice bag as compensation. Audiences receive social proof from people they trust. It’s a win-win-win scenario!

What super power would be useful on social media?
CH: Ah, this is a hard one! It’s a tie between 3 superpowers; super speed, the ability to see the future, or the power to multiply yourself. Social Media is ALWAYS changing and it’s a challenge to keep up with all the updates, trends, and tasks. Luckily, there are ‘super’ tools out there to help!

You can connect with Carolina on LinkedIn! She’ll also be taking over our Instagram April 24-28 to give you an insider view on a new recruit’s first week on the job.

Vickie Hsieh :Vickie is 6S's Marketing Manager & Cultural Lead. She spearheads 6S's marketing initiatives and assists the sales team with business development. She also manages the agency's social media communities. Vickie is a graduate of Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Applied Sciences. She is an avid traveller, aspiring yogi, and breakfast food enthusiast. Vickie currently lives in Toronto.