Social Media ROI Tracking with Salesforce and Radian6

Social Media ROI Tracking with and Radian6

Have you been struggling with social media ROI tracking?

There is a solution on the horizon and it is awesome!

Today, announced that they are acquiring the Canadian company Radian6 for $326 million in stock. Here at 6S Marketing we are HUGE believers in both of these tools and consider ourselves a “ shop.” We are also big advocates of the social media reporting tool Radian6 and recommend it to all clients who are running significant social media campaigns where tracking is crucial to the campaign’s success. is the premier customer relationship (CRM) tool that we have been using here at 6S for more than 7 years, and recommending to our customers as well. In fact, every person at 6S Marketing has an Enterprise license of and we have further customized the tool (using Traction SM) to help us with time tracking and our goal is to achieve total workflow automation in an effort to provide the highest levels of customer service to our clients and potential customers.

Combined together, the possibilities for social media ROI tracking are endless. Chris Ramsey said in an email to Radian6 customers today:

“Radian6 and share the belief that social media will play a large part in how organizations listen to and engage with their customers. We also believe that as engagement with clients becomes more and more social, there will be greater opportunities for products such as Radian6 and Salesforce to more closely integrate.”

The press release stated:

“Combination of and Radian6 will bridge the conversations happening on public social networks and’s private, secure social corporate social network, Chatter.”

From the comments and press releases of the parties involved, it seems that social media ROI tracking is a big part of the plan moving forward which exciting for us and all marketers looking for this type of reporting and functionality. I just wonder how much it will cost!

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