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It happens all the time – you contact a company for more information but no one’s available to help you. You’re either met with a long, complicated automated voice system or relayed a message to call back during business hours. It’s frustrating!

In August, we started to experiment with live chat functionality on the 6S site to provide live support to visitors browsing our site or anyone looking for more information about 6S.  We chose Snap-a-Bug as our live chat software for a number of reasons including ease of use, information captured about our web visitors, and integration with our customer relationship management (CRM) software Salesforce.

The software is extremely simple to set up. A few lines of JavaScript is all that’s needed to embed the “Live Chat” button into your website. Be sure to create and customize a live chat button for both an offline status and online status for your agents. Then, each agent that will be using the chat software can sync his or her GTalk account (Google’s answer to MSN messenger) to your Snap-a-Bug account, literally with a few clicks of the mouse.  Chatting can then commence immediately!

The software also comes with a “Proactive Chat” functionality that can be customized to “pop up” automatically to greet visitors on your site after they have been browsing for an allocated amount of time. For example, if Visitor 1 is on your main services page for more than 45 seconds, Proactive Chat can be customized to appear to Visitor 1 with a message such as “Hi, can I answer any questions about our services?”. This is an automatic chat window that appears and does not require the chat agent to physically write the greeting. If Visitor 1 decides to answer this automated greeting, then the chat agent will be brought into the conversion through Snap-a-Bug prompting their GTalk account with the message.

Snap-a-Bug also integrates with a number of CRM software providers, such as Salesforce. This means that any website visitor who inquires about your company using the live chat functionality, will automatically be imported into your CRM as a “Lead” after the chat has ended. This allows for easy follow up if the chat agent and visitor would like to continue a conversation at a later time.

A really cool feature of Snap-a-Bug is the ability to capture demographic information about the “Lead” that is also imported automatically into your CRM after the chat has ended with your site visitor. Geographic location, operating system, browser and language are just some of the details you can capture.  There is no set up fee for Snap-a-Bug and prices range from $19 – $289 per month.

Do you use a live chat functionality on your site? What has your experience been?

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