Meet Sheng Li Digital (Online and at SXSW!)

6S is proud to announce that our wholly-owned subsidiary, Sheng Li Digital, has launched just in time for SXSWI, Austin’s annual tech festival. Take a look at their shiny new website!

The agency focuses solely on Chinese marketing – whether your audience is in Taiwan or Toronto, Sheng Li’s team of Chinese marketing superstars can get you the results you need. The idea for the agency was born out of the success 6S Marketing achieved running Chinese campaigns for clients.

“Sheng Li is revolutionizing the agency world, in that they’re giving English businesses a local’s insight into the Chinese market,” explains 6S’s President, Chris Breikss. Translated, ‘sheng li’ means ‘victory’ — and the agency promises nothing but triumph for companies targeting both North American and international Chinese-speakers. Sheng Li’s staff members are bilingual, Google-certified, and passionate about social media and marketing trends.

The Sheng Li team offers an exclusive eye into the Chinese market — a demographic that’s remained relatively untouched by Western advertisers. “The Chinese-speaking community is a largely untapped market by North American companies,” says account manager April Yau. “This community makes up the world’s largest internet user base, so there’s enormous potential.”

“Communication is much more comfortable and effective when using the language, technology and media environment native to the customers,” Sheng Li’s lead project manager Amy Bao explains.

Bao and Yau are venturing to Austin tonight, excited to take in talks on the latest international marketing trends and spread the word about Sheng Li’s services. These range from SEO performed in Baidu and Google to online advertising, website design and translation. Social media marketing makes up a large component of business, with strategies provided for platforms like Weibo, Youku, WeChat, Facebook, and YouTube.

Follow Sheng Li on social media for all the latest updates as they take SXSW by storm!

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