#Shamber Uses Vine for SXSW Interactive Campaign

The excitement is building for #shamber and friends to head down to South By Southwest Interactive in just 2 short weeks.  As mentioned in our previous post, we’ll be documenting our findings through a number of social media platforms. Those who can’t make it out to SXSW can tune in daily for the latest updates from the largest digital fiesta on the continent. Shamber has created a RebelMouse-powered South By Southwest porthole, which will keep you up to date on the latest dispatches from Texas. Follow along with our journey by visiting this link daily.

What we’re most excited about is putting Twitter’s hottest new app, Vine, to the test. In a nutshell, Vine allows users to create 6-second looping video, which can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and to the Vine social network. The buzz surrounding this app is huge and people are adopting it at dizzying pace. In one weekend this month, there were over 100,000 Vine videos posted to Twitter. Capitalizing on the rise of GIF image blogs like Vancouver’s “Definitely Raining”, the Vine community has created its own sub-culture in less than a month after launch. Users are getting more creative than ever before. We’ve seen everything from 6-second video resumes to animations and films. Top celebrities and brands are using Vine too, including Jimmy Fallon, General Electric, Topshop, Wheat Thins and more.

Through the SXSW in #6Seconds series, Shannon and I will be documenting our journey, putting the app – and ourselves – to the test. Can we leverage Vine for our SXSW Interactive campaign? We’ll find out! Here are our first Vine montages:

Go behind the scenes with us as we prep for the big trip:

Who do you think is using Vine effectively? Tell us in the comments below!

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