SEO for YouTube Videos using Video Sitemaps

Check out this great article by Yoast on SEO for video content. With Youtube being the #2 search engine after Google, it’s easy to understand why this topic is becoming a more important part of SEO.

SEO for YouTube Videos using Video Sitemaps

This is topic is particularly exciting for the SEO community because Matt Cutts (from Google) recently mentioned in a Web Pro News interview that Google is considering returning the videos of websites that use an XML video sitemap higher in result page rankings than those sites that do not; pretty exciting if your website has a lot of video content! (the part about video sitemaps is at 6:05).

Google Webmaster Tools has a great self serve section on How to Create a Video Sitemap. While it may seem a little intimidating at first, maintaining a video sitemap file is as easy as updating a text document and will take about 30 seconds each time you have a new video. That 30 seconds could generate a whole lot of Google traffic so its worth putting in the time investment as your ROI could be huge!

Thank you to Jonathan Becker for digging up this info and sending it to me for this blog post.

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