6S Client “Screamin Brothers” on Dragons’ Den Tonight!

If you’re watching Dragons’ Den this evening, look out for a “screamin” success story. Our client the Screamin Brothers have scooped up the chance to highlight their delicious, dairy-free frozen treats in front of CBC’s Dragons. What’s the most amazing part? The Screamin Brothers’ co-founders, who are under the age of 15, are running the business, from product development to sales planning. Learn their story and how 6S is helping them succeed on social media.
Screamin Brothers on CBC's Dragons' Den

Our relationship with the Screamin Brothers started when 6S Account Executive, Ryan Thrasher, received a call and heard a young, but well-spoken voice inquiring about social media services. Ryan smiled in amazement as he heard 14-year-old Dawson, one of the entrepreneurial brothers, begin to talk about his shared business, its current success and the story behind its formation. Dawson explained how one of his adopted brothers had arrived from Haiti only a few weeks before the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010, while his other younger adopted brother was amidst all the devastation, living in a tent as a result of his orphanage being destroyed. Dawson and his brother J.R. wanted to fundraise to aid their two adopted Haitian brothers, and to do so, J.R., a young food creative, invented a dairy-free, gluten-free “ice cream” treat — something even those with allergies could enjoy — that they could begin to sell to help raise funds.

To Ryan’s surprise, Dawson then began listing off the size of the Brothers’ market share, their revenue projections and distribution channels — and that part of their business model is to donate 5% of profits to charitable organizations. It was then that Dawson mentioned their upcoming appearance on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, an opportunity to take the business to the next level! It was clear that the Brothers’ compassion, in conjunction with their delicious product (6Sers got a taste test and can confirm dairy-free still means full of flavour!) was propelling them to success.


6S stepped in to help formulate a “screamin” social media strategy. Whether we’re working with enterprise brands or emerging businesses, our end goal is always the same — to facilitate measurable and impactful results for our clients. Here’s a taste of our strategy to support spreading the Screamin Brothers buzz online:

  • Running paid ads and promotional content on Facebook and Twitter, capitalizing on the TV spot appearance
  • Leveraging increased web traffic during the Dragons’ Den appearance to increase social media followers, using Google AdWords
  • Remarketing: If visitors view the Screamin Brothers website but haven’t liked the Facebook page, we’ll be targeting them towards the page
  • Compiling a timely social content calendar with strategic calls-to-action
  • Capitalizing on the #cbcdragonsden hashtag — make sure to follow along with the hashtag when the episode airs

The Screamin Brothers are so professional that we are continually amazed by their age. The questions they ask are intelligent and thoughtful, and are on par with our corporate (adult) clients. The only way we can really tell they are kids is by how excited and joyful they are about their work. Their story is a good reminder to us all to find the sweeter side of every experience, and to stay positive!


Join us in watching the Screamin Brothers as they aim to win over the Dragons tonight — check your show time here. We encourage you to follow along with their adventures by liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter, showing them some love on Instagram and Pinterest and, of course, trying out a delicious dairy-free treat or two from your local retailer.

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