6S Marketing is Sponsoring Schmoozapalooza 2018

Schmoozapalooza is an annual industry event organized by the BCIT Marketing Association. Affectionately known as ‘Schmooze’, this event provides ample opportunity students to schmooze and network with members of their industry, in order for them to build relationships that eventually lead to an internship. Get your tickets.

L: 6Sers at Schmoozapalooza 2017. R: Derek Delost and Sam Gorski with other industry experts on the Schmooze 101 Panel

6S Marketing has been attending the much-anticipated networking event for seven years in order to hand-pick the eager students seeking internship placement at some of the best digital agencies in town. Schmooze is the perfect opportunity to build the rapport and trust that makes students stand out to industry veterans.

Most of our internships are fulfilled by these brilliant BCIT MarComm students who often go on to become full-time 6Sers. In fact, a good 75% of our staff roster are BCIT alumni which means we appreciate first-hand the grit it takes to make it through the ambitious MarComm program.

6S / Drive team members and BCIT alumni

That being said, Schmooze isn’t all suits and handshakes to us; we also look for the right attitude that fits in with our strong team culture. We really pride ourselves on our value “family is everything” and “win or learn, not win or lose” attitude. Individually we know are good, but together, we know are great! We actually put the ‘pal’ in Schmoozapalooza.

This year we are very proud to be an official corporate sponsor of Schmoozapalooza! We’re throwing the official Schmooze afterparty at Hello Goodbye so nervous networkers can loosen their bow ties and updos to relax a little. We know how stressful it can be to look for work and make a good impression and we want young professionals to know they can be themselves and have fun while they’re at it. Join us at the afterparty from 9pm onwards!

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