Say Goodbye to Google Site Overlay and Hello to In-Page Analytics!

Today Google Analytics has launched their latest feature into public beta – In-Page Analytics. This new feature replaces the old and always broken Site Overlay report. It’s the report that we’ve been waiting for – for years!

With the report you get a quick overview of that particular page’s stats – Pageviews, Unique Views, Time on Page etc. However it goes a little deeper and gives you Top Demographic information as well – Language and Country.

[row][column size=8 centered=1]Google Analytics In-Page Analytics Side Bar[/column][/row]

The beauty of this report is you can choose which metric you want to display – currently you can choose from Clicks, Goal Value (you have your Goal Values set right?), or any current active Goal.

Google Analytics In-Page Analytics Drop-Down Choices

You can also apply any of your Advanced Segments to the report or create your own filter on the fly:

Google Analytics In-Page Analytics Filtering

So what does this all mean?

You can now see in an easy to use format what content your visitors are most interested in, how they’re getting there, and what impact that content had in converting your visitor into a customer/lead.

Watch this space for updates on this feature as they’re released and for ways to best use this tool to drive actionable insights to grow your bottom line.

Also check out the Google Analytics Blog for their official word on the topic.

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