Targeting Moms with FBX Advertising

Last week, eMarketer released an article that announced that “Moms are the most socially engaged demographic in Canada” and pulled data from the “Canadian Digital Mom 2012 Report” which was commissioned by Mom Central Consulting (MCC).

So how can marketers target Mom’s and does this data transfer over to their American counterparts? We found an intelligent advertising management program called Rocket Fuel that helps answer this for Facebook.

What does Rocket Fuel’s FBX advertising offer? It’s truly “advertising that learns.” Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, Rocket Fuel transforms digital media buys into self-optimizing engines that learn and adapt in real-time. What does this mean? Campaigns are optimized 24/7, advertising goals are exceeded — and ROI is generated. It’s no wonder that FBX ads have proven to be some of Facebook’s strongest performing ad units.

Rocket Fuel also remains a thought leader and collaborative researcher in the digital marketing world. For example, they’ve compiled a lengthy amount of research in regard to marketing to mothers online. Moms are the perfect target for FBX technology due to their high propensity of social media use, their penchant for price-comparing and the fact that they control, on average, 80% of household spending.

Here are some intriguing statistics from the Rocket Fuel Moms Research Round-Up infographic.

Cracking the ‘mom market’ is an ideal assignment for FBX advertising. Unlike traditional display campaigns, FBX ads increase proportionately with the frequency of ad exposure. As this FBX infographic shows, those who have expressed interests in coupons and product reviews are most likely to convert from FBX ads — and research shows moms are significantly more attracted to those areas.

Of course, FBX ads can benefit any advertiser who wants to drive successful conversion activity with around-the-clock campaign optimization. Want to learn more about how FBX advertising can work for you? Contact us to chat with an experienced digital strategist.

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