Report Card: 6S Marketing’s Facebook Account

Late last week, Trevor Jurgen published a post in his “Views from Vancouver Social Media” blog which reviewed the 6S Marketing Facebook Page. When the Google alert came in that we had been mentioned in a blog post, I cringed at first, expecting the worst. However, it seems in Trevor’s eyes, that we passed with flying colors and that our Facebook account got all A’s on the report card.

We have made a recent effort to expand our posting frequency and it appears to be paying off. Here’s what Trevor had to say.

6s posts at a reasonable rate of about a post ever two days. Interestingly this is consistent with a stat I heard this week at the Strategic Enrolment Management and Marketing Forum in Vancouver. Howard Kang, “Ignition Officer” with (a high energy speaker that was able to power the audience out of their card induced comas with a combo of funny and fact), mentioned that their research showed the 100 most engaging companies on Facebook post an average of 3 times a week. The rational being that with people liking dozens of companies, they would be overwhelmed with multiple posts in a day and prefer quality over quantity.

Read the rest of Trevor’s blog post “6s Marketing on Facebook: What Vancouver’s Leader in Social Media Marketing is doing well.

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