Red Truck Beer: An Experiential Social Media Activation

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Social media marketing of your content can lead to awesome amplification. With this in mind, Red Truck Beer partnered with 6S for a unique campaign that had an integrated experiential social media activation. A proud Vancouver based micro-brewery, Red Truck, wanted to announce the ground breaking of construction of their new brewery. With a hip location in East Vancouver’s Brewery Creek, they decided that social media would be a perfect publicity method. What did they do?

Boosted Buzz: Red Truck got mentioned in local blogs, created a promotional video, sent out email invitations and utilized an integrated RSVP system.

Bangin’ Event: And what a bang it caused! To break ground on their new digs, the brewery hoisted an old red truck up (using a crane) and dropped it. Guests were served food and refreshments, and encouraged to show up in their own red trucks. Promoting this through social networks ensured Vancouver’s lager lovers knew about it.

Broadened Reach: An online photo contest in Instagram ensured the digital world would be talking about Red Truck. Guests snapped photos and videos from the event, uploading them to social media platforms with a specific hashtag. With great prizes as an incentive, this ensured Red Truck’s name would spread like wildfire.

As this event showed, an integrated experiential social media activation can be a great way to launch a new product or create buzz. The vast array of online social communities provides extensive reach, and the medium allows for a lightning-quick launch.

To see the great results Red Truck achieved — and some of the stellar photos, too — click through to 6S’s case study.

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