Real-Time Data Now in Google Analytics

Do you know what’s happening on your site RIGHT NOW? Well in the next few weeks, if you are running Google Analytics you will!

Today Google released their Real-Time reporting into Beta. If you are one of the lucky accounts to have this reporting rolled out already, you’ll find it under your Dashboards tab in the new version.

We think these new reports will be valuable in several ways.

Measuring Social Media Campaign Impact

One way we see using these reports is to measure the immediate effect that your social media efforts have on site traffic. For example, if you tweet about a blog post or something interesting on your site you can see the immediate impact on your traffic. You will also be able to see when the traffic dies down so you know when to re-engage.

Campaign Measurement

Before launching a campaign you can use the real-time data to ensure all your tracking URLs are working the way you planned, before you hit “go”.

Testing Goals & Goal Funnels

Gone are the days of waiting until the next day to find out for sure if you’ve set your goals up correctly; especially if you are using regular expressions. Now we can see immediately if the goals are tracking and we don’t lose a day while waiting for results.

Here are some screen shots of the reporting

We’re really excited about these new reports and would love to hear how you see yourself using them.

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