Exclusive Q&A with Crispin Lipscomb, Canadian Olympic Halfpipe Snowboarder

Last week, in our blog post, we announced that 6S Marketing is supporting Olympic halfpipe snowboarder Crispin Lipscomb on his journey to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Crispin’s comeback is sure to grab Canada’s attention — the 34-year-old halfpipe pro qualified for the Games just a week before training in Switzerland began. He reached out to the community for fundraising support, and that’s when 6S Marketing stepped in. Crispin even spent time with some 6Sers in Whistler — the day before his flight! He pulled up in a vintage pick-up truck, sat happily on a patio amid a flurry of packing and snowboard preparations, and was kind enough to answer our questions. Here’s your chance to get to know him better.

crispin lipscomb with 6S president chris breikss and partner/vp sales lyn wilson

crispin with 6S president chris breikss and vp sales lyn wilson

What contributed to your decision to move to Whistler, B.C. from Edmonton?

Whistler is truly the Mecca for mountain sports in Canada. It has always been a natural progression for aspiring athletes to move further and further West from their hometowns towards Whistler in the end. Big mountains and great freestyle terrain keep the best athletes working on Whistler Blackcomb. Also, the Coast Mountain range offers incredible backcountry terrain and great snow conditions that last until May.

Who are your inspirations?

Legendary Canadian snowboarders like Mike Michaelchuck and Devun Walsh will be in mind. My Olympic teammates and long-time friends Brad Martin and Katie Tsuyuki will keep me charging!

What moves can we expect to see in your performance at the Games?

I will be putting down big 1080 spins in a few different directions to demonstrate good variations and skill. I will also do my signature “Alley-oop” tricks to get the style points from the judges.

What made you want to come out of retirement?

I have been coaching my friend and athlete Katie Tsuyuki towards her Olympic goals for the past 16 months and she encouraged me to re-enter the competitions starting in August. I had four Olympic qualifying events to do my best work and to return to my top form. I wanted to be there in Sochi to complete Katie’s 16-month plan, and Team Canada would not be able to offer coaching credentials and access to the halfpipe venue in the Olympics. So our plan was to have me qualify as an athlete to make sure I could complete our goals, and I made sure to achieve my own athletic Olympic pursuit. (Ed. note: he’s now ranked third in Canada!)

See more of Crispin in action in the video below, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He’s also continuing fundraising efforts through an Indiegogo campaign and still needs help to reach his goal.

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