Polygon Homes: A Cross-Cultural Triumph

It’s impossible to deny Canada’s multicultural roots. From unique clothing styles to exotic cuisine, our country is brimming with a variety of nationalities. Accordingly, Canada’s international market is as vast as our country itself. So, what’s better than a multi-faceted marketing strategy?

6S is proud to run campaigns in wide range of languages—we’ve worked in French, German and Spanish, to name a few. In our Vancouver location, we’ve also had the pleasure of regularly preparing many Chinese campaigns. From media buys in Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter) to geographically-targeted ads, our strategies span many online platforms.

So, when Polygon Homes wanted to navigate its international market, we were more than willing to co-pilot. Polygon, one of BC’s premier home-building companies, previously partnered with us in 2008 to enhance their online following. More recently, they’d become aware of the burgeoning Chinese market for their Vancouver housing communities. Digital marketing became a necessary means of gaining international attention.

Without further ado, 6S crafted a plan for Polygon’s Chinese debut. What did it entail? A vast medley of online publicity, including:

  • Chinese Facebook ads
  • Banner ads on popular Chinese websites
  • Chinese remarketing campaigns
  • Optimized Chinese landing pages

  • Like all of our campaigns, Polygon’s results were meticulously tracked through Google Analytics. Here, we could make use of a separate profile which collected only Chinese-focused data. And Polygon’s results were remarkable: international marketing drove new website visits up by 65.46%. To see more details, read our full case study.

    So, if your company is attempting to reach international consumers, digital marketing is an instrumental resource for garnering publicity. Think international blogger outreach, website optimization, media buys in international search engines—there are numerous ways to highlight your brand.

    With the right strategy, cross-cultural amplification is possible and profitable.

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