Pirelli wins Pixel Award for #HighwayZero Campaign

We are excited for our client, Pirelli, who have won the People’s Champ Award in the ‘Automotive and Transportation’ category at the 2016 Pixel Awards!

Read Pirelli’s press release.

The Pixel Awards are an international awards program honoring exceptional design and technology since 2006. Their mandate is to reward and elevate exceptional design and technology that helps inspire and advance the digital marketing and advertising industry.

Pirelli beat out other nominees Ford Mustang, Dodge Ram, Jeep, and Virgin America in the “Automotive and Transportation” People’s Champ category.

6S Marketing worked closely with our partner and creative lead, Engine Digital, on the Pirelli #HighwayZero Project, to drive online engagement with the Pirelli brand within the North American market. To streamline the digital marketing and advertising strategy, 6S Marketing broke the media plan into four components, each designed for optimal targeting. They were: social media, video advertising, display advertising, and key opinion leader (KOL) engagement.

#HighwayZero is an Intimate and Interactive Video Experience

The Pirelli #HighwayZero campaign was an intimate and interactive video experience

6S Marketing’s Media Director, Richard Bergen said:

“The social influencer part of the project was managed by our New York office, where our media buying and social media team focused on attracting users through innovative digital tactics. For example, we sent popular auto-enthusiast Instagrammers sets of Pirelli tires to put on their cars. They then photographed Pirelli tires on their cars and shared those photos to their social media channels, where their hundreds of thousands of fans and followers could engage.”

Read more details on the performance of the #HighwayZero campaign in the Pirelli Highway Zero case study.

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