What it Means to be a Good Corporate Partner

Believe it or not, there’s no Match.com for businesses. And like any relationship, a corporate partnership can’t formulate out of thin air. So how do businesses decide to collaborate? The good old-fashioned way: through many conversations, a mutual understanding of shared values, and most of all, belief in the quality of work of each respective company. After these key points are shared, it’s time for the “talk” of committing to a long-term relationship.

Sound familiar? Akin to the “real world,” finding a trusted partner isn’t always easy. However, the 6S team wanted to share how, in a world of turbulent networking and LinkedIn requests, we found a business whose values matched our own. Don’t worry, this is where the corny online dating analogies stop. However, we believe in showcasing the importance of collaboration between businesses, and the inspiration that partnerships can provide.

Command Center tour of Fully Managed Vancouver office

Command Center tour of Fully Managed Vancouver office

We’ve been outsourcing our IT management to Fully Managed for over seven years. Like 6S, Fully Managed provides services to a range of cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. The benefits of outsourcing IT support were noticed from the get-go: increased efficiency, scalability, reliability, and reduced IT costs, while providing exceptional service.

President Sharleen Oborowsky and CEO Chris Day

Fully Managed President Sharleen Oborowsky, and CEO Chris Day

As our relationship with Fully Managed grew, we began providing digital marketing services to them as well, realizing we shared a passion for innovation and integrity that was unique in its emphasis on growth in the digital space. We took a look over each set of values and realized how well they enmeshed together:

We dig digital: As we’re on the forefront of new developments in SEO, SEM, and social media, we need to ensure that our office technology is equipped for the latest functionalities. Fully Managed promotes technology leadership, monitoring our systems round-the-clock to ensure all updates are instantaneous.

Grit: 6S is a firm believer in the power of perseverance. We all make mistakes, but it’s the attitude to disruptions – and the hard work put in to correct them – that shows the real “grit” of a person. Fully Managed is proactive about detecting core technology systems, meaning that if there is an issue, there will already be a technician hard at work on it by the time we notice.

Confidence: Having confidence in the quality and results of your service is vital – something we look for in all of our employees. Same with Fully Managed, as they staff some of the most dedicated IT magicians in Canada. Our office administrator gives them a shout-out for always being “cognizant of the fact that everyone is super busy, going out of their way to minimize time offline” while still being “prepared yet fun and easy going” – the true hallmark of confidence.

Joie de vivre: Here’s where we derive true inspiration from our partners, in that extra something special that’s worth emulating ourselves. Fully Managed is a big-time believer in unifying their corporate culture through “gamification” of office-wide metrics – something 6S emulated through our use of Hoopla software. We display real-time metrics throughout our office with fun games, stats, and photos for motivation. Sharing creative ways to encourage our teams is a big plus for both parties.

We’ve learned a lot from our partnership with Fully Managed, and have come to share a lot, too. In fact, both Fully Managed and 6S Marketing have been nominated for this year’s Small Business BC Awards – Fully Managed for Best Company, and 6S for Best Employer. We’re proud to celebrate the recognition of our shared values, and look forward to further collaborations in technology, team-building and more.

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