Take Your Pants Off for Prostate Cancer

We have the first scoop on a fun June fundraiser – time to take off that bulky polyester for a good cause! June 5th marks the first time that Pants Off for Prostate Cancer has come over to the West Coast. The Imperial on Main St. will be transformed into a dance party full of young professionals, sans pants.

50% of the proceeds will directly benefit the Vancouver Prostate Centre. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect Canadian men — however, 90% of cases are treatable if detected early. This event promotes awareness and the funds donated will help Vancouver’s Prostate Centre continue their treatment and research. It’s a great opportunity for networking, too; the event is geared towards professionals from the political, financial, legal, marketing and creative industries.

6S Marketing is an official sponsor of the event, which raised over $50,000 for prostate cancer research last year. You’ll be able to spot us in the crowd with some 6S-branded boxers. It’ll be a sight to behold, we’re sure.

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andy the android tries out a pair

andy the android tries out a pair


Once again, the fine print: June 5th, 2014 at The Imperial. Pants-offs start at 7 PM.

To register, sign up through the Pants Off website. See you there!

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